Cobia Fillet with Pistachio crust

Preparation Time

10 Mins

Cooking Time

12 Mins

Ready In






Cobia Fillet with Pistachio crust

Full of heart-healthy Omega 3, this dish of Pistachio-crusted Open Blue Cobia is wonderfully firm and moist. Pistachio nuts are a great source of protein, fiber and contain more potassium and vitamin K per serving than other nuts. Serving suggestion: Orange and fennel salad.

Step 1

Chop the pistachios.

Step 1 -- Chop the pistachios.

Step 2

Marinate the cobia in olive oil for 10 minutes with fresh thyme and marjoram. Then dip the non-skinned side of the fish into the crushed pistachios and press firmly.

Step 2 -- Marinate the cobia in olive oil for 10 minutes with fresh thyme and marjoram. Then dip the non-skinned side of the fish into the crushed pistachios and press firmly.

Step 3

Heat a frying pan with butter, oil thyme, marjoram and 2 cloves of garlic. Pan-sear the cobia on the skin side for approx. 4 minutes, basting frequently with the melted butter and oil.

Step 3 -- Heat a frying pan with butter, oil thyme, marjoram and 2 cloves of garlic. Pan-sear the cobia on the skin side for approx. 4 minutes, basting frequently with the melted butter and oil.

Step 4

Finish the fish in the oven at 180°C/ 350F for 7 minutes.

Step 4 -- Finish the fish in the oven at 180°C/ 350F for 7 minutes.

Step 5

Prepare a salad with one sliced onion, fresh orange segments the remaining pistachios and sliced fennel (optional) or a salad of your choice. Apply the cobia bed with orange and complete with some whole pistachio nuts.

Step 5 -- Prepare a salad with one sliced onion, fresh orange segments the remaining pistachios and sliced fennel (optional) or a salad of your choice. Apply the cobia bed with orange and complete with some whole pistachio nuts.

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  • ??? 10lb (300g) Cobia
  • ??? 5oz (150g) shelled pistachios
  • ??? Thyme and marjoram
  • ??? 1 white onion
  • ??? 1 Orange
  • ??? 50g Butter
  • ??? Oil
  • ??? Salt

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  • Rakesh Ravindran chef

    Rakesh Ravindran

    Group Development Chef, The Cinnamon Club, London, UK

    At The Cinnamon Club, we believe in using the best quality of sustainable produce and I have really enjoyed working with Open Blue as their cobia is not only highly nutritious but also meets high welfare standards in aquaculture.

  • Peter Bogdanovic

    Peter Bogdanovic

    Finalist in Chef of the Year- Germany, Head Chef – Restaurant Mohren Reichenau, Germany

    In my work as a chef at Restaurant Möhren and Chef of the year finalist, I am always looking for unique products. In addition to the culinary aspects of a product I particularly search for producers that are contributing to sustainability efforts by investing in new concepts and share their story with our guests. Open Blue Cobia is a dream to work with. The firm meat and clean, rich taste allow for a wide range of applications on my menu. Coming from the mariculture farm, I receive the best quality fish, with a consistent year-round availability and taste. With pride, I recommend Open Blue Cobia to my guests, colleagues and everyone else who is interested.

  • Mario-Castrellon-experimentar-ingredientes-originarios

    Mario Castrellon

    Head Chef – Maito, Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017

    Maito – The grill is one of the most flavorful cooking methods and open blue cobia fits perfect for grilling. For us at Maito the best way to enjoy the richness of cobia it’s on the grill! Enjoy

  • chef-Gerard-Salle

    Chef Gérard Sallé

    Maître Cuisinier de France, L’Orangerie, Paris, France

    I got very interested in Cobia early on, also called ‘black salmon’ here in Europe. Together with Bernie Léger, Vice-President of Open Blue, we have introduced Cobia to many Michelin-star chefs, highlighting the superior farming qualities and pureness of the product that has no hormones, antibiotics and pesticides in its processes.

    It works raw or cooked with many subtleties, the optimization of all parts is very interesting, like fins in soup or fish-tips, much used in Japan.

    I recommend to all my colleagues to try Cobia and adopt it.

  • Damien-Duquesne

    Chef Damien Duquesne

    750g La Table, Paris, France

    Open Blue Cobia offers a beautifully firm meat. It’s easy to slice hence ideal for all raw preparations like ceviches and carpaccios. When cooked, its flesh keeps a pearly white colour with a delicate flavour. A great product.

  • Franco-Bowanee

    Chef Franco Bowanee

    Head Chef, Chateau de Vault de Lugny, Burgundy region, France

    I learned about Open Blue Cobia from a fishmonger friend and since then I fell in love with this exotic fish. Originally from Mauritius, my cuisine is a fusion of spices and influences from far away. I particularly appreciate Japanese and Thai cuisine, and Cobia is ideal for them. I highly recommend trying it cooked at high-temperature on its skin.

  • Carolle-Rohim

    Carolle Rohim

    Certification Manager

    Going from one standard -Global Gap achieved in 2014, Carolle has worked with the Open Blue team to achieve five standards across the company, with more on the radar moving forward. Achieving standards is an important benchmark for Open Blue to demonstrate through third-party audits that we are meeting or exceeding standards of excellence which are then objectively assessed.

    Carolle started with Open Blue as a Quality manager at the processing facility. Using the excellent practices she put in place there, she joined the Office of Sustainability in 2016 and moved forward to train and develop internal audit teams throughout the company. Building good auditor relationships is also a key success factor and Carolle has handled that role with diplomacy and skill.

  • Abed-Camarena

    Abed Camarena

    Regulatory Affairs Officer

    Abed’s role is environmental affairs officer. In this capacity, he works to identify areas of opportunity for Open Blue to exceed legal requirements for world class environmental management. One area of emerging interest in Panama is recycling. As options began to open up for the collection of recyclables, Abed took a special interest in supporting the company to adopt a company wide four site plan to manage recycling activities. The recycling centre in Ciudad del Saber is the drop-off point for cardboard, plastics, paper, cans, and glass.

    Abed worked with all members of the Open Blue team to install recycling containers, set up and initiated a schedule of pick up and delivery and continuous improvement of the program. Plans for the future include quantifying the amount of recycled material and working with Ciudad del Saber to celebrate National Recycling Day in Panama.

  • Javier-Visuetti

    Javier Visuetti

    Government and Community Relations Manager

    Trained as a microbiologist Javier began his career in aquaculture working in the shrimp business. Javier graduated from the University of Panama with a degree in Microbiology and Parasitology. He has worked for twenty years in aquaculture in fin fish and shellfish and joined Open Blue in 2009 managing the company’s hatchery and spent time to work with the production team offshore.

    Javier brings a strong social commitment to the communities where Open Blue works and leads a focused team to ensure overall regulatory compliance and strong community partnerships, especially in the Costa Arriba region.

  • Max-Kuzniar

    Max Kuzniar

    Executive Chef, Restaurant Plantxa, Paris

    I love this fish, it can be raw or cooked. The texture changes according to the cooking, whether by using a plancha ( a type of griddle) or just by the acidity of the lemon. A very nice discovery.

  • Paul-reilly-beast-bottle

    Chef Paul Reilly

    Executive Chef, Beast + Bottle Coperta, Denver, CO

    >What I love about the product is the versatility. The opportunities to cook with Open Blue Cobia are vast from grilling, curing, smoking, broiling, or my personal favorite, eating it raw in a sashimi or crudo. It has a delicious, natural fat content that lends itself to an array of traditional cuisines and preparations.

  • Eric Ticana

    Eric Ticana

    World Sushi Skills Institute Graduate, Paris, France

    Cobia has a unique texture, very interesting to work with. The yield is excellent and it’s easy to handle. For sushi, we require less quantity of Cobia than with another fish. It’s possible slicing it paper-thin without breaking the slices.

    It has a fresh and delicate flavour that makes it easier to combine with a large variety of ingredients, even ingredients that we wouldn’t commonly use for fish sushis. It goes well with sweet flavors for example. My specials are a Cobia Sushi with mango and a raspberry Cobia maki, always a great success.

    I love it.

  • Andrew Coniglio, Executive Chef Innisbrook Resort, Florida, USA

    Andrew Coniglio

    Executive Chef Innisbrook Resort, Florida, USA

    The quality and consistency of Open Blue Cobia make this a wonderful addition to our menus here at Innisbrook Resort. This fish has great versatility for our chefs to create many innovative dishes.

  • Mike Reid M Restaurant London PRo Shot Prefered B&W

    Michael Reid

    M Restaurants, London

    Open Blue Cobia is such an amazing and versatile fish. From one of our signature, Sashimi served raw to a beautifully meaty flaky pan fried alternative to the usual on the market.

  • stefaan

    Stefaan van Beveren

    Brasserie Epicea, Chef, Welle, Belgium

    As the former chef of the ISPC-restaurant and still a loyal customer, I was one of the first to get to know the Open Blue Cobia. Cobia has features that I find very important as a father, a chef and as nature –loving angler in my free time. Whether it is prepared cooked, baked or raw, Cobia has an excellent taste and great texture. Also, it has a very positive environmental influence. I can use Cobia for the gastronomical dishes in my restaurant, as well as in my job as a culinary advisor.

  • Alain Droesbeke

    Alain Droesbeke

    Executive Chef, Brussels, Belgium

    The secret to good cooking is simplicity, quality ingredients and a dash of imagination. Nothing is set in stone. For the gourmet, the creator and the inventive reader, there is always a margin for creativity. Beyond these few recipes, it is now up to you to try Cobia and praise its many qualities.

  • Chef-Bernard-Guillas

    Chef Bernard Guillas

    Executive Chef, The Marine Room, San Diego, California, USA

    Open Blue’s deep ocean aquaculture is the ultimate sustainable farming method which keeps a balance with the environment and contributes to the well-being of our ecosystem. Searching and sharing information will bring strength and knowledge for generations to come. As chefs and restaurateurs, our duty is to be caretakers of our oceans and educators to our customers. Cobia is a healthy, flavorful and versatile fish which is why it is very popular in my restaurant. It is a delicious way to be hooked on fish.

  • Steve-Phelp

    Steve Phelps

    Owner/ Executive Chef, Indigenous Restaurant, Sarasota Florida, USA

    I’ve been using Open Blue Cobia consistently for two years now at Indigenous. I have the ocean in my backyard, but the ocean is not as reliable as the product that Open Blue always brings me. As a chef I have always been very investigative about farmed fish believed in some and turned off by most. I think this is definitely the future of sea farming that will survive in many environments and continue to allow us to enjoy the ocean’s bounty without threatening other eco systems and fishing communities.

  • tony-chen

    Tony Chen

    Owner & executive Chef, Tona Sushi Bar and Grill, Utah, USA

    We are passionate about fish. Here at Tona, we maintain a positive and responsible attitude toward sustainability, in fish and also ingredients we use in our dish. Open Blue Cobia was a nice addition to our menu. Our guests like the fish right from the start. Many enjoy the clean taste of the fish. We like the endless possibility this sashimi graded fish offers. Cobia Orange, light rosemary smoked, citrus soy, orange supreme, fennel, Thai chili and micro green is a new favorite. Grilled Cobia Kama (collar), what better way to enjoy some of the best parts of the fish. Our guests enjoy finding new delights when visiting. Open Blue Cobia is definitely a current star.

  • chef-Kareem-Anguin

    Kareem Anguin

    Executive Chef, The Oceanaire Seafood Room Miami, Florida USA

    I love using Open Blue Cobia because of the versatility of the fish and because it is a sustainable product – this makes a huge impact on me as a chef.

  • Pedro Masolivier

    Pedro Masoliver

    Cafe Balear, Panama City Panama

    I like to work with Open Blue Cobia because of its versatility and the final result you get. Accepts almost any preparation and is super healthy. We usually offer cobia in several preparations at one time, but our best-selling dish is the cobia Chicharron. It is also easily achieved thanks to the good service provided by us and it arrives very fresh. Its period of conservation is long.

  • Hernan Correa

    Hernan Correa

    Chef & Winner of Top Chef Panama, Riesen, Panama City, Panama

    By being identified with local products. I am excited that our country produces the best fish on the market. It’s texture and versatility for various cooking techniques makes Cobia a product without comparison. Since I have used it in my restaurants, I have been receiving compliments from my diners such as ‘ the best fish I’ve ever tasted.

  • Andy Matsuda

    Andy Matsuda

    Sushi Master, Sushi Chef Institute Los Angeles USA

    Cobia meat is beautiful and white. There is no smell, no color change, and no texture change and is much easier to use than other fish. Thinly sliced cobia is greatly mixed into salads or with tropical fruit as carpaccio, ceviche, poke, etc. The delightful taste will make any fish lover happy. Chefs can create many new and innovative dishes using Open Blue Cobia because of its versatility. It pairs well with a variety of flavors and foods making it a great and easy product to use.

  • Eduardo Tuccillo

    Eduardo Tuccillo

    Executive Chef Twist, LONDON United Kingdom

    I have been using Open Blue Cobia for couples of years now and I am very proud to collaborate with a sustainable aquaculture in the open ocean! It feels so right to see the positive reaction of our guests when we explain the provenience of that unique flavour, the sustainable mariculture system behind it and how revolutionary it is. As a Chef I feel is my responsibility to pass the message to the current and future generations!

    I am so inspired not only by the care Open Blue is showing but also by the versatility of Cobia, I can use it from tail to collar cut with the different profile in taste and texture, making always successful additions to my tapas menu.

    My cooking style pays attention to details. Seasonal, fresh, ethical sourced and high-quality ingredients are balanced together to offer not only a memorable dining experience but also a healthy one! Cobia is naturally high in protein and very rich in Omega 3…the nutritional value is important and makes this fish a winning choice in my restaurant.

  • david bracha

    David Bracha

    Chef/Restauranteur, The River Seafood Oyster Bar Miami USA

    I love Cobia as a fish. It’s such a versatile fish You can cook it, do it raw as sushi and sashimi. I’ve used cobia over the years as wild cobia. Wild cobia is inconsistent, sometimes it is available, sometimes it’s not. Then I was introduced to Open Blue Cobia which is a farm raised product that is very consistent, high in quality. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Cindy Hutson

    Cindy Hutson

    Owner/ Executive Chef, Zest FLORIDA USA

    I have known about Cobia for a long time, I had my Captain’s license when I first moved to Miami and I fished all the time. Cobia was one of the fish that I fished for. When I tasted the fish and I think back now, Open Blue Cobi has a superior flavour to the one I had years ago. It takes well to just about any application or cooking style that I wanted to do with it and it has become one of my most popular fish dishes on my menu.

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