Open Blue takes another big step forward!

Published on 03/11/2016

Open Blue, the largest supplier of cobia to the US market and the largest deep water open-ocean farm in the world continues to move forward to demonstrate a company-wide commitment to responsible mariculture by achieving two major certifications to start 2016.

Open Blue continued to achieve the Global G.A.P. Standard for the second year following a comprehensive assessment of their business by Quality Certification Services (QCS) an independent accredited certification body. They added the Friend of the Sea standard to their list of achievements.

“Achieving the Global Gap standard is a significant milestone for our rapidly growing company,” said Dave Plumer CEO of Open Blue.  “Our innovative approach is to raise and harvest fish miles offshore in their natural ocean habitat in a responsible and sustainable way that honors and protects our sensitive ocean ecosystems. Our auditor was impressed with the strides our company has made in such a short time period to achieve these results. It requires a commitment and contribution of staff at all levels of the company and we are delighted with this certification by Global Gap.”

“We are equally delighted to receive certification from Friend of the Sea, whose mission is conservation of the marine habitat and making seafood sustainability a reality.  Open Blue is fully aligned with these objectives through our vision to feed current and future generations in harmony with the ocean” said Plumer. “Consumers want their seafood to be great tasting, healthy and raised in an environmentally sustainable way.   Earning this distinguished Consumer Ecolabel from Friend of the Sea will provide us with an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment directly to the consumers who choose our fish.”

Brian O’Hanlon, Open Blue Founder said: “Setting our company up for success by meeting the requirements of these important standards is in line with our strategy to provide our customers with healthy and safe quality products from Panama.  Our operations are based on meeting a high standard and we are committed across our hatchery, farm and processing operations to focus on responsible practices to support environmental and social responsibility across every aspect of our business.”

Open Blue is a pioneer and leader in deep water open-ocean raised fish. Open Blue Cobia are carefully cultivated in the pristine ocean waters of the Caribbean Sea near Panama, far offshore and away from sensitive ecosystems. Our fish have plenty of room to grow in large, stress-free, deep-water enclosures, and we produce a reliable, sustainable source of premium fish. We are the single largest supplier of fresh cobia to the US and the largest deep water open-ocean farm in the world. Our offshore operations are the culmination of a decade of cutting-edge investigative research on deep ocean aquaculture, in collaboration with the world’s leading scientific laboratories and universities.

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