Open Blue Achieves Three Key Standards

Published on 03/17/2017

Audits for three key standards were successfully conducted during the same time period with a single audit firm and achieved by Open Blue. Audits for Global Gap, Three Star Best Aquaculture Practice, and Friend of the Sea were conducted by SAI Global, an internationally recognized auditing firm. This represents a significant step forward for Open Blue and for certification alignment within the aquaculture sector.

Open Blue is committed to responsible farming practices to meet the most stringent standards to satisfy its Customers. At the same time, the company is focused on achieving the highest standards of credible, validated assurance of sustainable farming practices and food safety excellence.

“Achieving these key certifications is a significant milestone for our rapidly growing company,” said Dave Plumer CEO of Open Blue. “Our innovative approach is to raise and harvest fish miles offshore in their natural ocean habitat in a responsible and sustainable way that honors and protects our sensitive ocean ecosystems. We are delighted with this certification by these three prestigious certification bodies.”

Each of these standards provides an important focus for different customers. Open Blue determined that by working through a spirit of collaboration with each of these organizations that they would be able to achieve these comprehensive audits to meet all customer requirements.

“This reflects the ongoing commitment of our team to feed current and future generations in harmony with the ocean,” Plumer adds. “Our Customers trust Open Blue Cobia as a reliable, sustainable source of heart healthy, delicious white fish, responsibly raised in the pristine, deep waters of the Open Ocean.”

“While pleased with these important achievements, there is still more to do “describes Plumer, “ We were delighted to see the recently released Cobia standards by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). We expect that Open Blue Cobia will achieve full ASC compliance by Fall of 2017”.

Cobia is a fish native to the Caribbean, long prized for its exceptional taste, high nutrition and versatility in raw or cooked applications. Open Blue Cobia are raised 8 miles offshore, in their native waters with high energy currents, far away from sensitive ecosystems. Our fish never see the same water twice and have plenty of room to grow in large, stress-free, Open Ocean enclosures. The result for our Customers is a reliable, sustainable source of this delicious white fish with high levels of Omega 3.

For more information about Global Gap For more information about Friend of the Sea

Open Blue is a pioneer and world’s leader in raising fish in the Open Ocean. It is the single largest supplier of fresh Cobia to the US and Europe. Its operations represent the culmination of a decade of cutting-edge research on deep ocean aquaculture, in collaboration with the world’s leading scientific laboratories and universities. The result is a revolution in the way fish are responsibly raised, from egg to plate.

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For more information about SAI Global:

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