Giving Back

Published on 12/21/2016

Open Blue has a responsibility to sustainability in everything we do. As the Christmas season draws closer our thoughts turn towards those less fortunate. That is why we are making a commitment to the Panama Food Bank to provide cobia, a delicious whitefish grown in Panama starting this holiday season and continuing into 2017.

“There is a great deal of need in our community,” says Javier Visuetti, Community Affairs Manager at Open Blue. “We especially want to assist the orphanages and the senior citizens who will benefit from a healthy delicious meal of cobia.” Open Blue is encouraging their staff to also become involved setting up distribution boxes in the cafeteria in the main office location in Albrook so that staff can make their own donation to the Food Bank.

Open Blue is a pioneer and leader in deep water open-ocean raised fish. Open Blue Cobia are carefully cultivated in the pristine ocean waters of the Caribbean Sea near Panama, far offshore and away from sensitive ecosystems. Our fish have plenty of room to grow in large, stress-free, deep-water enclosures, and we produce a reliable, sustainable source of premium fish. We are the single largest supplier of fresh cobia to the US and the largest deep water open-ocean farm in the world.

Our offshore operations are the culmination of a decade of cutting-edge investigative research on deep ocean aquaculture, in collaboration with the world’s leading scientific laboratories and universities.

Panama provides a perfect global location, an exceptional workforce, a vibrant infrastructure and a supportive pro-business environment. We appreciate the chance to make a difference in our communities and look forward to building a sustainable future together. Find out more at

The Panama Food Bank is a non-profit organization that collects surplus food from supermarkets and distributors and delivers to the neediest sectors of the country. They are linked to The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN).

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