How do I purchase Open Blue Cobia or find out more?

Visit the Cobia Finder page on the website or contact us at sales@openblue.com.

Open Blue Cobia are available year round, our internal logistics department works around the clock to ensure you get the best quality fish, the quickest way possible.

We raise our fish in waters where Cobia can naturally be found. Our farm is located in the Costa Arriba region of Panama. The farm site is located over the horizon in Panama’s Atlantic ocean, more than seven miles offshore in the deep, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Our fish are raised far from shore where the waters are deep, clean and pure. It is a high-energy environment where the fish never see the same water twice and the surrounding environment is preserved. Our fish are healthy and have a clean good taste with just the right texture.

The farm is 11-12 kilometers (7 miles) off the North coast of Panama. It is literally over the horizon. The water depth at the farm ranges from 65-70 meters (213-230 feet).

Absolutely not, our fish are raised in a pristine environment and fed a clean, controlled diet. We regularly sample our fish to verify that they are clean and healthy.

We do our best to mimic Cobia’s natural diet as closely as possible. Our feed includes fishmeal, fish oil, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our diets are natural and free of hormones, colorants, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants. We will continue to monitor feed ingredients and make the best decision for our customers, our fish and the sustainability of our company and the ocean.

The feeding process is carefully controlled using underwater cameras, diver inspection and sophisticated computer modeling to ensure the right amount of feed is given to the fish in the pen based on quantity and size.

We monitor the health of the seafloor under the farm using cameras on our ROV (remote operated robotic vehicle) and taking grab samples to collect sediments for lab analysis. We do the sampling under the farm and away from the farm at a control site to monitor any changes to the condition of the seafloor.

We do not see any significant impact to the seafloor and this is by design, because our farms are located in high energy areas, with brisk currents and in very deep water and we employ strict feed management practices.

The farms are essentially located in the “deserts” of the sea so naturally the large underwater structures create an “oasis” teeming with life and are essentially a large protected area for wild fish. We see various species of snapper, remora, jacks, small tuna and other pelagic fish congregating around the cages.

The farm is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The entire farm is normally submerged 30 feet below the surface, so it is safe from storms and other bad weather. We do not get hurricanes in Panama, but in the rainy season we can have severe thunderstorms with strong wind.

Absolutely! We manage the entire lifecycle of the fish from egg to plate. We know all of the details about the fish’s life, from when it hatched and what it consumed to the quality water it lived in and when it was harvested, processed, shipped and sold.

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