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A new resource for scientists, researchers, cobia farmers, students at all levels and the general public is now available. Open Blue operations are the culmination of a decade of cutting-edge investigative research on deep ocean aquaculture, in collaboration with the world’s leading scientific laboratories and universities. One of our important partners is the Aquaculture Program at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS).

Together we are pleased to announce that a new inventory of research on cobia and cobia farming is now available. Compiled by Zachery Daugherty, a PhD student Graduate and Research Assistant in Department of Marine Ecosystems and Society at RSMAS - University of Miami, this comprehensive source of references lists peer reviewed articles and relevant documents for anyone interested in learning more about this fish that we grow. The database right now is a review of primary literature, identifying about 360 references, starting in 1766.

Brian O’Hanlon, Open Blue founder

Brian O’Hanlon

Open Blue founder

"The creation of this database is a significant step for knowledge transfer and sharing," said Brian O’Hanlon, Open Blue founder. “We dedicate this resource to Carl Linnaeus who published the first paper on cobia in 1776.”