Chefs & Buyers

Open Blue Cobia's Qualities

Recipient of the Best New Foodservice product award at SENA 2017, Open Blue Cobia are sustainably raised with full traceability from egg to plate and have the highest amount of Omega-3 of any whitefish. What's more, all our products are Kosher and Halal certified.

A fantastic ingredient for all your dishes, Open Blue Cobia is mild, buttery and pure. Our fish have a fresh, clean taste with a firm but delicate texture.

Open Blue Cobia is a dream fish for chefs to work with. Rich in healthy oils, the flesh stays succulent and moist regardless of preparation or cooking method. A high-yielding fish, Cobia is the healthiest and most delicious choice for foodservice and restaurants.

It’s so versatile, that it’s suitable for virtually all cooking styles and cuisines. Cobia has a texture that is easy to work with and achieves the high standard of Japanese cooking, providing delectable sashimi-grade fillet.

What could be better?


A panel of seafood industry buyers and experts selected Open Blue’s frozen IVP Cobia fillet ahead of 48 other entries and from among 11 other finalists. Visitors to the Boston expo were impressed with its taste, nutritional value and uniqueness and were excited about its market potential and convenience.


Our Promise

Whether buying fresh or frozen products, our promise of excellence is simple: we ensure you always receive top quality, fresh fish in impeccable condition.

Fresh and frozen fish are available daily from our distributors. Our frozen range is filleted and frozen within 24 hours of harvest, guaranteeing you that fresh-caught quality you love.

Open Blue’s quality guarantee is possible because we’re a vertically integrated company; we raise our fish from eggs, harvest them and deliver the food to market, delivering unparalleled taste and quality.

Every aspect of our operation has been caringly designed and deliberately engineered. Starting with our state-of-the-art hatchery, to our processing operations and our distribution network, we take the utmost care. We promise full traceability at every step, throughout the lifecycle of every fish.

Tended carefully at all stages, Open Blue Cobia are raised and cultivated humanely in the most natural environment possible. They swim in the pristine ocean 100% of the time and this results in a healthy, pure tasting fish.

What we feed Open Blue Cobia matters when it comes to taste and quality. Open Blue Cobia are raised on a natural diet with no use of additives, hormones, colorants or GMO ingredients.

After harvest, the fish are quickly bled and are on ice within minutes before processing into fresh or frozen products at our ISO 9001:2015, BAP and BRC certified plant. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Open Blue Cobia are handled in a way that maintains peak freshness and quality.

We exceed the highest standards in our industry and will surpass your expectations.

Freshness and great flavor, every time.

Our Fish

Our Cobia fish are carefully raised in deep pristine waters and are always sourced from the open ocean. Open Blue Cobia is pure, healthy and safe - free of contaminants, hormones, colorants and pesticides.

Cobia is the most versatile fish for chefs to work with. A high yielding fish with minimal waste, cobia can be eaten raw or cooked & every part of the fish is equally delicious.

Cobia has a delicate flavor and its firm texture slices easily for sushi and sashimi applications. This gives a significant yield benefit to the Sushi chef as Cobia can typically be sliced in 8-10g slices, generating excellent plate coverage.

Here are our favorite ways to utilize the different cobia cuts: