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Open Blue Cobia launches signature Cobia Caribbean Sushi Roll


Starting Seafood Expo North America 2018 off on a roll! Open Blue will premiere their signature Cobia Caribbean Sushi Roll and recipe at this year’s Boston show (Booth 1859). Created by Sushi Master Andy Matsuda, the unique recipe is a fusion of bold Caribbean flavors with a spicy, seasoned grilled Cobia and the fresh flavors of mango, avocado and arugula. To celebrate the launch of the dish, Open Blue will be creating a 10-foot version of the roll at the opening day of the show, with samples available for tasting.

Chef Andy says, “The Cobia Caribbean sushi roll could become as iconic as the California roll. This recipe uses grilled cobia lightly dusted with chili pepper; giving the roll an extra depth of flavor and texture. Topped with fresh mango and serrano chili, it’s a delicious explosion of fresh and fruity flavors.”

‘The California roll is one of the most popular items on a Sushi menu. We wanted to create our own signature flavored roll for Cobia that can help consumers get into sushi for the first time. Open Blue Cobia is recognized for its sashimi qualities, so it is great to introduce a new twist and showcase how it can also be used cooked for the Sushi market,’ says Open Blue’s VP of Sales & Marketing Bernie Leger.

About Andy Matsuda:

One of the world’s foremost sushi experts, Sushi Master, Andy Matsuda heads up the LA based Sushi School Institute. Andy learnt his skills at Genpachi, one of the most famous restaurants in Osaka, Japan, before bringing his sushi skills to Los Angeles.


Open Blue Cobia moves up to a AA rating with the British Retail Consortium


Building on their pioneering ASC accreditation for a Cobia producer, Open Blue was awarded last week, the highest possible score for a planned audit; achieving an AA rating based on the Global Standard for Food Safety from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

“Achieving these key certifications marks a major milestone for us and for our customers for 2018.  The BRC standard is recognized globally as the benchmark for food safety and is an indicator of international excellence. We are delighted to improve our score from an A to AA.” said Chris Perry, President of Open Blue.  “Our innovative approach is to raise and harvest fish 8 miles offshore in their natural open ocean habitat in a responsible and sustainable way that honors and protects our sensitive ocean ecosystems and respects the workers and the communities around us.”

Open Blue has achieved several key standards successfully completing audits for Global Gap, Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP), ISO 9001:2015 and Friend of the Sea certifications; becoming in January 2018, the world’s first Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified Cobia operation.

About BRC:
The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the leading trade association for UK retailing.  Although the BRC food safety standard began in the UK, it is now recognized as a global standard.  There are over 17,000 BRC certified sites worldwide, and a large network of BRC certification bodies in 90 countries. BRC initially developed its Global Standard for Food Safety to help the food industry meet legislative requirements of the EU General Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act.

Learn more at

Portions Launch Image

Open Blue launches New Frozen Foodservice Range


Open Blue, the 2017 winner of the best new Foodservice product at the Seafood Expo North America will introduce a new range of premium frozen Cobia products for both foodservice and retail applications at this year’s Boston show (Booth 1859.) This new offering includes IVP fixed weight Cobia portions, buffet cuts and taco strips.

To meet the growing interest for fixed weight and customized portions, the company expanded its production facility with a multi-million dollar investment, enabling at-source portioning and inline freezing.’ Open Blue is also expanding its portion range with a branded 10 oz. retail pack and a 2 lb. IVP Club pack format.

“For our foodservice customers, we know that inventory management, labor efficiency and controlling wastage is an important part of the overall product offer. Our new fresh frozen products lock in the fresh-caught quality that people love. We believe by investing in our total cold storage chain, including super-freezing at -35°C we help our customers save time, improve inventory control and increase efficiencies.” says Bernie Leger, VP Sales and Marketing, Open Blue.


Happy Lunar New Year 新年快乐


A new year is time for a new start. In the Western world, we celebrate this fresh start in January, but in Chinese and Korean culture, the Lunar New Year is celebrated for the fist 15 days of the lunar calendar. This year, Chinese New Year begins today, February 16th and will continue until the lantern festival on March 2nd. It is the Year of the Dog.

Each day of the Chinese New Year has certain activities and traditions that are celebrated. Some of these include:

  1. Clean Your Home- this tradition comes from the belief that cleaning your home will sweep away the bad luck and prepare the home for good luck to enter. You must be careful, though. If you clean after the New Year has started, you may be sweeping away the good luck you received.
  2. Decorations – Chinese New Year decorations are usually red. Red is a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. Houses are often decorated with red lanterns, artwork, and paper cut-outs.
  3. Red Envelopes- it is common to give lucky red envelope of money to children throughout the New Year.
  4. Lucky Foods – Fish is just one of the lucky foods that should be served over Chinese New Year. Fish are a sign of prosperity. In fact, the Chinese character for prosperity, yu, is a homophone for the word for fish, yu. It’s said that the Chinese New Year fish dish is “nian nian you yu,” which means “may the year bring prosperity.” Traditionally, families buy a whole fish, which symbolizes unity, and it is steamed with ginger and soy sauce. The most important part is that there are leftovers for the next day, signifying that prosperity will overflow!

Want to celebrate Chinese New Year but find cooking whole fish too daunting? Try this easy recipe for Open Blue Cobia with black bean sauce!


  • 1 lb Open Blue Cobia
  • 1 Egg
  • ½ C Cornstarch


  • 3-4 tbsp Black Bean Sauce
  • 1 each, Green and Red Peppers, chopped
  • ½ c Onions, chopped
  • 4 Green Onions
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • 1 inch piece of minced peeled fresh Ginger


Cut cobia into pieces, mix with egg, cornstarch and water, then deep fry. Heat up some oil in a pan and fry the stir fry ingredients for 2-3 mins. Stir in black bean sauce and mix together with the cobia. Suggested to serve with rice. Serves 4.


Open Blue Cobia and Sustainability


At Open Blue we want to ensure that the aspirations of our company are developed in a way that demonstrates continuous improvement for our goal to be a world leader in sustainable offshore aquaculture. We all know the growing world population will require additional protein sources. As we know, a growing world population will require additional protein sources and the challenge is how to produce enough food in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Freshwater is a critical element for sustaining all life on planet earth and farmers worldwide must recognize their responsibility to conserve and protect this resource not only for humans but for many life forms. Ensuring that farm structures and the fish within them are in areas where minimal disruption is caused and then carefully monitoring, beyond shifting requirements of government agencies in different locations are just one aspect of finding ways to minimize and manage impact.

Certification programs are important tools for our company to measure and monitor impact and to do so in ways that have broader participation in assessing what may be important considerations for external stakeholders.

There is a myriad of reasons why we have chosen to pursue a range of certifications as our business evolves, to measure our progress and demonstrate commitment. Our customers require and value them and in some cases, they are the “cost of doing business”. We are looking for ways to increase the value of our product and build loyalty in our customer base and certifications provide a visible mark to enhance and increase the value of our product and assist us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Although regulations can be viewed with suspicion, third party audits provide structure, certainty, confidence and a framework for ongoing improvement.

We have chosen to pursue a range of certifications to meet these needs: ISO 9001 -a foundation for proving our ability to consistently provide products that meet our customer’s needs, Great Place to Work -how we link employee engagement and worker satisfaction with our goals, Global Gap/Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) / Friend of the Sea (FOS) / British Retail Consortium (BRC) -specific standards to enhance operational consistency and satisfy customer needs and now Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) which we consider to be the highest level standard of excellence to minimize environmental and social footprint.

We measure sustainability at Open Blue using a Three Pillars approach:

  • Social Responsibility: Caring for our workers, customers and the community around us
  • Environmental Care: Growing our fish in harmony with the ocean
  • Financial Accountability and Measurement: Respecting our investors and measuring our progress

Our corporate quality statement and all our operations are aligned with our corporate values to ensure the achievement of our quality objectives.

Open Blue is committed to supplying safe, healthy, premium quality fish to our customers and ensuring that stakeholders: employees, customers and interested people are informed about our business. We do this through continual improvement of our open ocean deep water technology, processing, and support operations, in a safe workplace for our qualified employees. We commit to adherence of legal and third party requirements, maintaining the utmost respect for our environment.

Are we perfect? Far from that, but we are committed to viewing our challenges and issues with a clear gaze and making the changes needed to address issues as they arise. We invite you to join with us on our journey.


Pascal Martens cru.jpeg

Winner of the ‘Let’s Cook Cobia’ event in Belgium

Open Blue is excited to announce the winning Chef of the “Let’s Cook Cobia” Finale and winner of the grand prize trip to Panama – Pascal Martens of Vertes Feuilles restaurant. This past Monday, Open Blue along with ISPC-Océan Marée, hosted the “Let’s Cook Cobia” contest finale in Brussells, the final event of an Open Blue Cobia recipe & cooking competition aimed at high-level chefs across Belgium.


Chef Pascal was one of four renowned chefs that participated in the finale where he competed alongside top, award-winning chefs Xavier Bernes, Steven De Bisschop and Pascal Marcin. The contestants each created two Open Blue Cobia dishes – an appetizer and a main course – for the panel of judges consisting of the panel president Philippe Limbourg, Guide Director at Gault&Millau; as well as Michelin starred Stéphanie Thunus from Au Gré du Vent, Dimitry Lysens from Michelin starred restaurant Magis, Alain Droesbeke from Restaurant Direction Belfius Banque, and Executive Vice President of Open Blue Bernard Leger. 

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