Open Blue Cobia App Support

Download our app on your smartphone or tablet.

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For the best and most immersive experience, we recommend that you download videos to your device, use cardboard viewers and use earbuds or headphones (see below for more information). We want you to experience what it is like to swim with 30,000 Open Blue Cobia.

If you really want to feel like you are there here are some other ideas for you to consider:

  • Stand in front of a powerful fan while you are in the helicopter.
  • Stand in a sauna when you are walking around our hatchery.
  • Stand in a freezer when you are in our processing plant.
  • Sit in a bath tub or pool when you are underwater with the fish (just don’t get your phone wet).

Download Videos to Your Device

After installing the app, we highly recommend that you swipe the videos left to download them to your mobile device for the highest quality and offline viewing. Leave the app open while videos are downloading.

Play Videos in VR Mode With A Cardboard Viewer

This mobile 360 player app allows you to enjoy some of these unique perspectives on your mobile device with or without a cardboard viewer. Simply select “yes” to watch the movies in VR mode and insert your phone into a Google Cardboard device. To obtain a cardboard viewer please visit:


Use Earbuds or Headphones

For the best experience we recommend that you use ear buds or headphones connected to your phone before you insert it into the cardboard viewer.

Find Open Blue Cobia Near You

We are pretty sure your first question after seeing our story will be “Where Can I Get Open Blue Cobia?”. We are working on making this easier for you. In the app you will also find links to Open Blue’s Find Cobia website where you can search for Open Blue Cobia in restaurants or retail stores near you. This is a tool that we are working to refine quickly in order to present more options to you.

Stay Tuned for More!

Additional 360 videos and new app features will be rolled out in the near future.