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Vision & Values

At Open Blue, we have a clear vision: to feed current and future generations in harmony with the ocean.

Strong moral and ethical principles underlie all we do in our business practices. For us, it’s a state of being and it’s why we strive to do what’s right, not what’s easy. We undertake innovative and responsible open ocean fish farming in a way that respects the ocean and enriches lives.

Our Approach

A healthy and sustainable environment means a healthy and sustainable fish, and keeping our waters pure and pristine is key to what we do.

Starting from our state-of-the-art hatchery, to our offshore open ocean farms, we take extreme care to raise the perfect fish. Open Blue is a pioneer in deep water, open ocean mariculture – our fully submersible SeaStations situated 8 miles offshore are designed to withstand the toughest ocean conditions such as strong currents, high wind speeds and wave heights.

By moving farming into the open ocean we are moving fish into large water masses where the currents are strong and fast. Our approach means a natural growing environment for our fish and careful site selection for each platform ensures there is no traceable impact to the surrounding ecosystem and seafloor beneath.

Cobia is a high quality, tropical marine white fish that is native to the Caribbean. The swift currents and pristine quality of the open ocean produce cleaner, healthier, faster-growing and tastier fish. Our fish are raised in stress-free, low-density, fully submerged “sea stations” in the best natural environment possible.


In 2007, Open Blue realized its vision for an offshore operation, and began a quest for the best location, advanced processes, and most natural environment to raise “the perfect fish”.

Determined to create the most innovative and sustainable operation possible, Open Blue selected the Caribbean coastal waters of Panama as an ideal location and Cobia as the perfect fish to feed a growing world – a fish with great flavor and texture, rich in Omega-3 and a minimal environmental footprint. A diverse management team and strong advisory board lead and guide the company as it continues to grow.

Then and now, Open Blue’s vision is to feed the world in a better way.

Our People

We have a dynamic, international team that blends worldwide expertise with a desire to make a difference.

We operate our own HACCP-certified processing plant in Panama City and have an experienced sales team based in Miami, California, Toronto, London, Paris, Panama and Amsterdam. We support diversity and inclusion, and hiring locally is a key factor for our operations. As a vertically integrated company, our employees have a wide range of education and expertise from marine biology to engineering to supply chain management.

Everyone who works at Open Blue is truly passionate to provide the best tasting fish possible to our customers.


Javier Visuetti

Government and Community Relations Manager

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Abed Camarena

Regulatory Affairs Officer

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Carolle Rohim

Certification Manager

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We support diversity and inclusion, and hiring locally is a key factor in our operations. Want to join our team? 

  • Carolle-Rohim

    Carolle Rohim

    Certification Manager

    Going from one standard -Global Gap achieved in 2014, Carolle has worked with the Open Blue team to achieve five standards across the company, with more on the radar moving forward. Achieving standards is an important benchmark for Open Blue to demonstrate through third-party audits that we are meeting or exceeding standards of excellence which are then objectively assessed.

    Carolle started with Open Blue as a Quality manager at the processing facility. Using the excellent practices she put in place there, she joined the Office of Sustainability in 2016 and moved forward to train and develop internal audit teams throughout the company. Building good auditor relationships is also a key success factor and Carolle has handled that role with diplomacy and skill.

  • Abed-Camarena

    Abed Camarena

    Regulatory Affairs Officer

    Abed’s role is environmental affairs officer. In this capacity, he works to identify areas of opportunity for Open Blue to exceed legal requirements for world class environmental management. One area of emerging interest in Panama is recycling. As options began to open up for the collection of recyclables, Abed took a special interest in supporting the company to adopt a company wide four site plan to manage recycling activities. The recycling centre in Ciudad del Saber is the drop-off point for cardboard, plastics, paper, cans, and glass.

    Abed worked with all members of the Open Blue team to install recycling containers, set up and initiated a schedule of pick up and delivery and continuous improvement of the program. Plans for the future include quantifying the amount of recycled material and working with Ciudad del Saber to celebrate National Recycling Day in Panama.

  • Javier-Visuetti

    Javier Visuetti

    Government and Community Relations Manager

    Trained as a microbiologist Javier began his career in aquaculture working in the shrimp business. Javier graduated from the University of Panama with a degree in Microbiology and Parasitology. He has worked for twenty years in aquaculture in fin fish and shellfish and joined Open Blue in 2009 managing the company’s hatchery and spent time to work with the production team offshore.

    Javier brings a strong social commitment to the communities where Open Blue works and leads a focused team to ensure overall regulatory compliance and strong community partnerships, especially in the Costa Arriba region.

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