What makes Open Blue Cobia so special?
In a word, everything.

Open Ocean

Based 8-10 miles offshore, our farming operations are fully submerged at depths of up to 250 feet, Open Blue is a pioneer and the world's leader in raising fish in the open ocean. Situated in a protected no-take zone of 2,500 acres of water, this pristine natural environment is home only to Open Blue and indigenous marine species including magnificent whale sharks!

Better Planet

At Open Blue we have a clear purpose. To provide the purest, healthiest fish that nourishes current and future generations. With deep reverence for our planet, we are committed to taking care of the delicate ecosystem of fish, ocean and people. Environmental and social responsibility are at the heart of what we do in our quest to create a better planet for all.

A Superfish

It all starts with taste. Open Blue Cobia is the richest, most buttery and delectable premium white fish you’ll find. On top of its mild flavor and firm texture, it’s a Superfish; a nutritional powerhouse naturally high in protein and rich in Omega-3. Open Blue Cobia is pure, healthy and safe.

Great Dish. Exceptional Fish.

Its culinary versatility makes it ideal for chefs and home cooks alike. Whether it’s prepared raw as sushi and sashimi or cooked in any way imaginable, Open Blue Cobia is the new, star ingredient on your plate. And it’s available from us, all year round.

Why Open Blue Cobia? Why anything else?

Open Blue Cobia Recipes

What’s all the buzz about Open Blue Cobia? It’s an award-winning, wholly delicious and infinitely versatile white fish that has endless culinary possibilities. Check out some of our favorite recipes.

Health & Nutrition

Health is at the centre of what we do. We’re on a mission to take care of the delicate ecosystem of fish, ocean and people, and to feed the world in a new, better way.

Nutrition authorities agree: eating seafood is beneficial for a healthy diet. In fact, eating fish is the single most powerful thing we can do to improve human health. Hands down, it’s your healthiest choice.

Yet not all fish is created equal. Open Blue Cobia is a SUPERFISH when it comes to nutrition.

One 4 oz serving of Open Blue Cobia provides 2500 mg of Omega-3.

At Open Blue we believe in sustainable seafood. We raise our fish in the best possible surroundings that have the least impact to the ecosystem. Moving the platform offshore means staying away from sensitive areas, eliminating nutrient and waste build-up, and minimizing the risk of disease. Bottom line it's better for the environment and for the fish.

Open Blue Cobia are raised where they belong: far out in the deep, pristine waters of the open ocean, in a stress-free, low-density environment. This results in healthier fish that is naturally high in protein and extra rich in Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) - the fatty acids that promote heart health, cognitive development and anti-aging. Independent analysis shows that Open Blue Cobia has more Omega-3 than farmed Atlantic Salmon.

Free of contaminants, chemicals, hormones, colorants and harmful pesticides, Open Blue Cobia are the purest, safest and best-tasting fish available.

Open Blue Cobia is truly food that fuels.

Company Videos

Open Blue operates the world’s largest open ocean fish farm in the Caribbean off the coast of Panama. We raise the purest, healthiest, most delicious white fish on the market and supply our Cobia to buyers around the world. Watch our company videos to see how our unique operation provides the most sustainable, nutritious and freshest fish on the planet.

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Open Blue ships to markets around the world. Restaurants and retailers receive our fresh Cobia within days of harvest and it’s available all year long. Avoid disappointment and contact the individual restaurant or retail store in advance to ensure they have it on hand.

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