Open Blue Cobia
Open Blue Cobia

We take total care in raising our fish – and it shows. Open Blue Cobia is an impressive fish in quality, taste and versatility. We take pride in every step of the process, ensuring we bring you the best possible fish. What you get is the purest, healthiest, best tasting white fish on the market. 


Recommended for sushi, sashimi and other raw applications.


Recommended for sushi, tartare, grilling and frying.

V-Cut Fillet

Recommended for roasting, poaching, smoking and steaming; can also be portioned into other cuts.


Recommended for tartare, grilling, roasting, curing and smoking.

Collar Cut

Recommended for grilling, braising and stewing.

Cobia Culinary Versatility

Open Blue Cobia is a truly versatile fish that offers a world of culinary possibilities. The high quality sashimi grade means you can enjoy it raw or cooked across a wide range of applications. As for the taste – it can’t be beat; with a rich and buttery flavor it is uniquely delicious any way you prepare it. 

Taste Rankings

Consumer and operator research in North America and Europe shows Open Blue Cobia outperforming all other tested species, including appearance and taste.

Enriching Health & Nutrition

Our Cobia fish are carefully raised in deep pristine waters and is always sourced from the open ocean. Open Blue Cobia is pure, healthy and safe - free of contaminants, hormones, colorants and pesticides.

We raise our fish in a stress free, low density and high-energy environment. This results in healthier fish that is naturally high in protein and very rich in Omega 3 (DHA & EPA), with levels almost 2X as high as farmed Atlantic salmon. 

How To Cook Open Blue Cobia

Since its sashimi grade, you can have it raw as well as cooked. Try it in sushi, tataki style or sashimi slices – perfect for ceviche too!

The texture makes it perfect to grill, broil, bake, or sear. Cobia is great in any recipe – a truly versatile fish.

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